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Untitled Exposure to secondhand smoke from spouses or an occupational setting appears strongly related to increased risk of lung cancer.
Current News
Monday, January 05, 2009
Lawyers behind Florida tobacco settlement vow to protect Chiles endowment
Several Florida lawyers who won the state's landmark 1997 tobacco settlement have agreed to try to b...
Cigarette caused house fire, West Palm Beach firefighter says
A fire Monday morning at a garage at 1659 40th St. resulted from a discarded cigarette, West Palm Be...
Cigarette Tax Eyed As Tallahassee Faces Budget Shortfalls
Democratic lawmakers want to raise the cigarette tax, and some Republicans are warming to the idea. ...
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Targeting Tobacco Use: The Nation's Leading Cause of Preventable Death
The report provides the following information: trends in current sm...

The NSDUH Report: Work Absences and Past Month Cigarette Use.
This report examines the number of days of work missed in the past ...

Youth Tobacco Sales: FFY 2006 Annual Synar Reports
This publication describes the Synar Program, its progress since it...

The Rise and Fall of Tobacco Control Media Campaigns, 1967-2006
This article provides the results of a research study of various to...

Mapping prevention : geographic information system technology helps identify problems and assess effectiveness
How Washington State has used mapping to assist with prevention eff...

Comprehensive Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Programs Effectively Reduce Tobacco Use
The empirical evidence regarding the effectiveness of comprehensive...

Campaign Contributions By Tobacco Interests Annual Report: September 2006
This annual report provides detailed updates of the tobacco industr...

Smoke-Free Policies Do Not Hurt the Hospitality Industry
Statistics from Florida, California, New York, Texas and peer revie...

Screen Out! A Parentís Guide to Smoking, Movies and Childrenís Health
This guide is a survival kit for families and communities and provi...

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